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Relationships – Bringing Meaning To Our Lives Part II “The Gonzaga Years”

This entry continues with part 2 of my 3 part series on relationships, my experiences with them from when I was born until the present day, and how they have impacted my life. If you haven’t read part one yet, read it here.

After high school I headed off to Gonzaga University in search of new friends and a new community. They didn’t take long to find. The Gonzaga community is one of the most incredible I’ve ever been a part of, and something nobody can truly understand unless they have experienced it for themselves.

Relationships formed in many different ways at Gonzaga. One of the first was through a pre-orientation “Reality Camp” where a group of us incoming freshmen gathered to do community service around the Spokane community for a week. It is amazing how a group of people who have never met before can come together through service and form bonds so quickly. Through loving others we were able to love each other and carry these newly formed friendships with us as we embarked on a new adventure in our lives. Continue reading



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